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Babysitters at The Beach sitters MUST LOVE KIDS! All of our staff are passionate about children and truly enjoy playing with and caring for your little ones! All of our staff goes through extensive background checks to come on board and must have impressive childcare experience. Once hired, staff must undergo extensive training with our team leaders before they go on jobs alone as each sitter is required to know our policies inside and out and offer consistent, quality care that meets our standards here at Babysitters at The Beach. Some of the sitters are paramedics, EMTs, teachers, life guards, daycare workers, and more. The agencie's top priority is every child's safety. Offering sitters with advanced education, training, and experience, protects children from dangerous situations that can be preventable. 



  • All sitters pass INITIAL AND MONTHLY drug screening and background screening. The company tests for a large variety of drugs to ease parents minds! Offering monthly background and drug screening is at a premium cost to the owner, however she cares strongly about offering only the best to her clients, and having a good name. For this reason, the owner feels this is an important step in hiring safe and qualified sitters. 

  • All sitters have current Infant & Pediatric CPR/First Aid Certification.

  • Sitters complete many legal forms, including forms necessary for sitters to legally work in the United States.

  • Their average age is 20 to 30 years old and our staff is all female.

  • They wear a professional uniform on jobs. (They also never wear strong smelling fragrances, do not smoke and do not display tattoos.)

  • Sitters are polished, have bubbly personalities, are super friendly, active, energetic, patient, creative and helpful to parents. They are required to be hands on with your children!

  • Sitters arrive with an activity bag full of many fun items that children enjoy!

  • Babysitters at the Beach staff can take your children swimming, biking, to the beach and more! They are the ONLY agency in the area that will swim with your children, and have this decision supported by Babysitters at The Beach insurance carrier. Heather pays a great deal each year to offer a premium insurance policy, with added features that give your sitters more flexibility when visiting the beach!  After all, when families come to the beach on vacation, the beach and the pool is where most families choose to spend their time!

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