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1. What is the best way to book a babysitter?
Whatever is convenient for you! Calling is the fastest way to book and we can be reached at (850) 260-0005 or you can email us at and our office manager or booking agent will be in touch within 48 hours.

2. How far in advance should I book a sitter?
As soon as you make your vacation plans and book your rental property! Babysitters book quickly, especially in the summer months! The earlier the better. 

3. Why should I trust a service like Babysitters at the Beach vs. hiring a local individual?
Babysitters at The Beach is a professional Sitter Service, which means we do all the screening for you. The owner, Heather, knows all her staff incredibly well as Babysitters at The Beach operates as a family and all sitters are of the highest quality. Sitters must fill out legal documents, come to us with extensive childcare experience, go through training with the company, and pass drug and background screening regularly to be eligible to work for our company. We are polished, dependable and great with kids! We have a large and committed staff and we try to never overbook. For this reason, you may hear that we are booked up, however, you may request to be put on a waiting list which has been very successful as sitters have become available as the date approached. We also have the recommendations of many hotels, resorts, and rental agencies in the area who have worked with us for years thanks to the positive feedback of their clients! 

4. How does your pricing work?
Families are charged per sitter and for the number of children. The hourly pricing starts at 30.00 per hour for one sitter and this cost covers the first two children. We also have a 4 hour booking minimum. Pricing increases by $4 per hour per child after the first two children. The number of sitters required for your group depends on the children's ages. Gratuity is always greatly appreciated as we are a service. 

5. What if I want more sitters for my large group?
No problem! Babysitters at The Beach can send multiple babysitters to your rental vacation property. We understand that any families travel together on vacation and rent large beach houses and condos to accommodate your group size.

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